[TowerTalk] PL259 - KINGS THE BETTER ??

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Sun, 21 Feb 1999 10:57:09 -0500

Ian, the bakelite you refer to is a phenolic material used by reputable
connector for years. It is an excellent dielectric, every bit as good as
teflon for all amateur purposes. One caveat, if you "arc" it, it can
leave a "carbon trail" and arc much easier the next time.
King makes excellent quality material, every bit as good as Amphenol,
and, assuming they were surplus and not rejects, they should be fine.
Look them over, and if you find no obvious defect, they are probably as
good as the best. Surplus Sales is expensive, but honest, and if they
were suspect, they would say so.
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On Sun, 21 Feb 1999 15:08:22 +0100 "Gian Luca Cazzola" <glcazzola@iol.it>
>Some months ago I bought from Surplus Sales of Nebraska about 30 
>within five months I will go in my new home andI will install 
>tribander and
>other wire
>antennas so I should change a lot of cables and connectors in antenna
>I bought the Kings PL-259A that SSoN said were considerd the better.
>I have always used Amphenol PL259, those with yellow phenolic 
>insulator and
>always without problem.
>Now, I am not sure that this Kings plugs, in three parts and with 
>(I think) insulators are really better; they are silvered and new, but 
>seem "old" for the use of an old material as bakelite.
>What do you think abot them?
>Is here on the reflector somebody using them?
>Thanks es 73.
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