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Scott Hotchkiss w4pj@bellsouth.net
Wed, 20 Dec 2000 06:16:16 -0500

Ya-know, I thought I did send it to "reply all"
but I just went to my "sent items" folder and it looks like I just sent it
to you.
Feel free to spread the word. Some VERY good Antenna and Tower people
on that list. Steve K7GCO and LB Cebik W4RNL etc.

here it is for those with antenna or tower queries:

> >Go to  http://www.contesting.com
> >use the little window on the left
> >scroll down to towertalk and click.
> >You can subscribe to towertalk@contesting.com
> >from the page.

Scott R. Hotchkiss
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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From: "Rick Stealey" <rstealey@hotmail.com>
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> Scott - did you also send this to the original poster (corky)?
> He got a little pissed at me, thinking I was lecturing to him.  So I have
> been writing private email to him trying to smooth things over
> with him.
> That is great info.  I knew there were fantastic email lists on the
> of antennas, I just didn't know the names and I don't happen to subscribe
> them.  I actually thought I gave Corky great info to go to the newsgroup
> he really wanted to talk about antennas.  I read
> when I want antenna entertainment, and there are typically 500 news
> to download there !!
> Great stuff.
> 73 OM and thanks,
> Rick  K2XT

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