[TowerTalk] Extending HyTower

Arne Gjerning gjerning@flash.net
Tue, 26 Dec 2000 19:49:16 -0700

I have a Hy Gain Hy Tower I am interested in modifying for better 80/75M
efficiency. All side stubs arte removed currently.

1. Will electrically attaching the upper tubing to the tower section on
top help?
2. Thinking of extending the top tubing section to correct height. Will
such change allow 3500-3800 bandwidth to not stress anything at 1500W?
3. Will combination of 1 and 2 be beneficial?
4. Tower located at ground level over N.M. sand. It works (but!!!) think
1/4 wave vertical better.

Any comments on mods for the Hy Tower would be appreciated. No can not
put up more than 1 at this QTH.

Thanks de Arne N7KA

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