[TowerTalk] A "good deal"

K7GCO@aol.com K7GCO@aol.com
Fri, 28 Jan 2000 14:35:20 EST

In a message dated 28.01.00 10:37:32 Pacific Standard Time, 
wa2moe@doitnow.com writes:
NOTE!  I misspelled "red" on purpose just to see how many would catch it.  It 
illustrates a point as we all aren't English Majors and I ask forgiveness to 
the English Eagle Beagles.  The "wrong word checker" didn't catch it this 
time.  I hope you can find technical errors on TT as well.  One or 2 
misspelled words out of the long post isn't bad.  
 >NOTE!  My face is read.  As a speed reader I can miss spelling or the wrong
 >A few paragraphs down I capitalized the correct word.  The "dumb word
 >checker" didn't catch the word "would".  Disregard previous Post.  I made
 >some other improvements.
 do you mean we can read your face or watch it turn red?
 ***(You didn't capitalize "do".  Is part of the sentence missing?  Just 
thought I'd ask?)

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