[TowerTalk] FS: 70' motorized crank-up tower

PAUL M. PLAYFORD aef8w@aztec.asu.edu
Sun, 05 Mar 2000 10:56:47 -0700 (MST)

    Tri-ex LM-470 motorized crank-up self-supporting 70' tower.
    Will support 16 sq. ft. of antenna in 60 MPH winds.
    Includes limit switches and wiring for remote control of raising/lowering
of tower and positive pull-down (the low voltage panel that normally is
placed in the ham shack is missing but is easily constructed) .  The a.c.
motor that drives the raising/lowering is included but it may require
reconditioning or replacing.
    The upper part of one of the sections has been modified to provide easy
access to the bottom of the mast (for clamping to the rotator) with the tower
fully lowered.
    Accessories, such as the rigid concrete base mount, can be purchased from
First Call Communications, Inc.
Asking $2,200, including delivery within 100 miles of Phoenix, or consider
trade towards an IC-775.

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