[TowerTalk] Yagis and Rivets

Madison Jones Madison Jones <w5mj@hal-pc.org>
Wed, 15 Mar 2000 19:22:23 -0600

More than one antenna has rattled apart due to harmonic vibration induced by
the wind.  When you put it back together you might try putting some rope in
the elements which have loose rivets.  That ought to dampen the vibration.
You can hold it in place by using plastic end caps of the proper size.  I
have ropes in a HyGain 204BA and a Cushcraft 15-4cd that I know about, and
perhaps others, and all the elements are still tight after many years in
many winds.



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Date: Wednesday, March 15, 2000 4:57 PM
Subject: [TowerTalk] Yagis and Rivets

>I'm just about to finally put back up my C3-S. It's been up for about a
>year and a half and worked well all that time - no problems. I thought I'd
>maybe redo the joints with some silicone vacuum grease and kind of spruce
>it up a bit before it was put back into commision. One thing noticed on my
>half disassembled antenna though is that ALL OF THE RIVETS ARE LOOSE!
>Sorry, don't mean to shout  but  this is surprising. It looks to like every
>one of those once very sturdy rivets are loose. I can wiggle every element
>section with respect to its mate and have to wonder how good the rf
>connection is between them. And I thought rivets were the best and would
>never be a problem.They were installed correctly. I'm wondering if aluminum
>rivets are simply wimpy. Maybe steel rivets would hold much stronger and
>longer, and even though they may cause local corrosion, the overall
>connection might last longer with steel. Has anyone else experienced this?
>How did you deal with it?
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