[TowerTalk] Pop Rivets

Steve Maki steve@oakcom.com
Mon, 20 Mar 2000 01:58:16 -0500

Arne Gjerning wrote:

> I am seeing that some are having problems with aluminum pop rivets. At
> work we use aluminum pop rivets for NON-STRUCTURAL applications.
> However, when we use pop rivets for structural applications we use
> STAINLESS STEEL pop rivets. Yes. Stainless pop rivets are available and
> are much stronger than aluminum and being stainless no problem with
> bi-metallic concerns.
> Check a McMASTER CARR catalog. If you do not have access to a catalog,
> try searching the web for McMaster Carr.
> Maybe Force 12 should consider a switch to stainless in leiu of aluminum
> pop rivets.

SS rivets should be fine, but hearing of problems with the aluminum
type is surprising to me.

I've been using aluminum pop rivets for 20 years now and have had
ZERO problems.  My normal procedure is to use (4) at each joint,
except on small diameter tubing, where I use only two.  We usually
stagger space them 90 degrees apart.  And we ALWAYS use an anti-ox
compound, and rope through the elements to prevent flutter.

It would seem that if the tubing is a close enough fit, and there is
enough overlap, there should be very little stress on the rivets.

Steve K8LX

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