[TowerTalk] KT34-A elements to insulators assembly question

Thu, 7 Sep 2000 03:40:47 -0500

Anytime you want a nut that won't come loose, get on with a nylon insert.
These are called "shake proof" or "Nylock"  and can be had at any large
hardware store for about a nickel a piece. You can use them alone or as a
jam nut over the top of the regular one, assuming there is enough thread
left over.Geo>K0FF
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From: David Rich <kg0us@swbell.net>
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Date: Wednesday, September 06, 2000 10:50 PM
Subject: [TowerTalk] KT34-A elements to insulators assembly question

>I purchased a new KT34-A about a year and a half ago.  I now have a
>tower and I am assembling the KT34-A for the first time out of the box.
>I have reached the point where I am mounting the element sections to the
>center lexan insulator.  The manual states "that the nuts are only
>tightened until the lockwasher starts to close."  The manual states that
>over tightening could result in insulator failure due to differences in
>temperature coefficients between the steel screws and the lexan.  I am
>tempted to tighten the nuts down further with my fingers and just a
>socket because I am afraid that if I barely tighten as stated in the
>manual that they will come loose over time.  Does anyone have any
>experience with this subject?  Is it ok to just tighten the nut down
>until the lockwasher just starts to close?  Will it hold up over time
>without loosening?
>Thank You,
>Dave Rich kg0us@swbell.net
>P.S.  The linear loading sections on the ends of the elements take a lot
>more time to assemble than I expected.
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