[TowerTalk] Smallest reasonable 24' boom for 10 meter yagi?

Dan Levin djl@andlev.com
Wed, 20 Sep 2000 21:54:43 -0700

I want to build an OWA type 10 meter monoband yagi to take with me on a trip
this fall.  Cost and weight are both issues.  The elements will be 6063
aluminum, starting with .625" o.d. and tapering from there.  6 elements on a
24' boom.

The question is, what is the lightest weight boom that I can reasonably use
for such an antenna.  Obviously, I could just use 2" o.d. .120" wall 6061-T6
and be done with it.  The question is, can I use smaller diameter or thinner
wall tubing safely?  This antenna is strictly for temporary use, and doesn't
have to take even 70 mph winds, 50 mph is probably an acceptable design
point.  Any suggestions or real world experiences appreciated.

One suggestion I got was to start with 2" o.d. .058" wall tubing for the
center section, then taper the boom down to 1.5" o.d. .058" wall at the
ends.  Does this sound reasonable to anyone?

Please don't tell me to go spend $75 on YS.  I know about YS - and I'm too
cheap to spend $75 to get the answer to this (relatively) simple question
:-)  If there is shareware that will let me model this problem, I'd be happy
to hear about it.

Thanks in advance,

            ***dan, K6IF (ex. N6BZA)

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