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>Hams shouldn't lie to Hams

I agree.  However, careful reading of the Isotron page


revealed no claim of gain or radiation efficiency.  Replace the word
"Isotrons" with "Dummy Loads" and re-read the page.  Replace the statement
about components with something like "The Dummy Loads are electrically
resonant by using only one resistor."

To me, this makes the page even more ludicrous.

73, Keith NM5G

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> More fun stuff:
> http://www.isotronantennas.com/

Actually the real humor is at:


The text claims Isotron's "work so well"  because they have "more area than
a 1/2 wl dipole".

If I had two slices of bread I could enjoy the bologna even more!

I always thought the Isotron was a neat way to build a really tiny antenna
that would allow people with no space to get on the air with some sort of
readable signal. I never realized they were misleading customers by claiming
some sort of odd magic that makes their antenna have more effective aperture
than a 1/2 wave antenna! I'm disappointed in them now. Hams shouldn't lie to

73 Tom


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