[TowerTalk] station grounding question

Richard W. Harris Richard_Harris at byu.edu
Mon Nov 21 22:19:21 EST 2005

A simple question on station grounding.  I have a copper wall plate for common grounding of all of my station equipment.  I have 2" wide copper strap to connect each piece of gear to the copper panel.  Most pieces of equipment have a simple bolt for grounding.  Seems to me that a single/small bolt connection to the copper strap is not a very good connection. Any suggestions here?  Should I simply be connecting the 2" copper strap to the grounding bolt of each piece of gear or is there a better method?
Richard Harris - KJ7CU
Also, thanks to all those that gave me advice on my 160M shunt-fed tower. Working great.  A lot of work but well worth the effort

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