[TowerTalk] GUYS and COAX

StellarCAT RXDesign at ssvecnet.com
Thu Sep 22 15:20:35 EDT 2005

I see - i understand. Thanks for the clarification. I was not being as defensive (ok - a little) with
the statement as I was making sure others reading the thread (and considering these issues)
were not misdirected. I 100% agree with your statement - indeed if one is investing lots of money
- heck just installing a tower with antennas - they should at least consider installing insulators or 
non conductive guys. 

Likewise I agree on the issue of coax. i am planning several runs of 7/8" up to the tower rotor 
( at 40' on the tower) with a good switch/lightening arrestor set there. 

Slight change in the subject: I have a friend with a roll of this stuff (Andrews) - maybe 1500'... he is not 
sure how old it is ... he is taking off the first 400' or so and then I will get about 800'.... I am
assuming water would not have ingressed to this point - thoughts anyone?


I did not say that using insulators was cheaping out.  My implication was 
that using straight runs of EHS where fiberglass use would improve the pattern 
was cheaping out.  One can get pretty much the same effect using insulators.  
That is standard practice on broadcast towers.
By the way, in my cheaping out statement I included coax.  Even more 
important than the guy wire is the choice of a good quality coax.  I wish I had a 
dollar for each guy I met at a hamfest with a roll of used no-name brand coax of 
RG8 or worse yet RG58, that he was going to use on his HF, or even worse yet, 2 
meter setup.

Bill  K4XS

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