[TowerTalk] AEA LC-1 Isoloop

Fri Aug 10 13:53:58 EDT 2007


Back in the early 1990s I used an AEA Isoloop as my 10 to 30 M antenna. 
Most of the time I used it horizontal at 45 ft, but it worked mounted 
vertical on a clothes line post.  The HI Q loop is amazingly good as a 
radiator but is very narrow band.  Ease of precise tuning is very important, 
and the old system I had was not satisfactory.  At least for me it wasn't 
since I contested, hunt and peck style.

The small loop is directional; it radiates in the plane of the loop; and it 
has nulls along it's axis.    It certainly is a good antenna as far as 
occupying a small space is concerned. I would like to see one work before I 
bought it second hand.

73, Jim w3cp

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>    Hi All,
> I have the opportunity to buy an AEA LC-1 Isoloop...the thing is, I dont 
> know much about this type antenna...it looks different than all the other 
> AEA Isoloops I've seen on google. It is rectangular and loops made to 
> mount vertically? I think the LC-1 rotates make it directional (at least 
> broadside two directions.) Any one have any experience with these? Are 
> these good? I think it's 13-30MHZ.. I live in a duplex (upstairs) and want 
> it for a small footprint antenna. I have the opportunity to purchase it 
> for about $80.00, seems like a good price compared to other Loops I've 
> seen (MFJ is like $350.00) I would love to hear anything you have to say 
> about this antenna.
> Thanks and 73,
> Daniel N9WX
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