[TowerTalk] AEA LC-1 Isoloop

Dave Cook davepc2 at netdave.com
Fri Aug 10 15:57:22 EDT 2007

I bought one in the late 80's for use in my second-floor condo in LA and it
worked really well. I had terrible RFI, but that was a grounding issue, not
the antenna's fault. I worked a lot of stations with it mounted on a 10 foot
mast attached to my balcony railing and was surprised at how well it worked
for such a small antenna.

When I moved to the Pacific Northwest, I replaced a chimney mounted TV
antenna with it and it only lasted a few years before the weather got inside
and killed the stepper motor. I wish I had mounted it in the attic instead
of outdoors. I still have the thing because the big old tuning capacitor is
still worth a lot. I looked around for replacement stepper motors, but gave
up since I've got plenty of room for conventional antennas now.

I would say that if the stepper motor is still functioning, and it hasn't
been exposed to the weather, it's well worth $80. I wish mine still worked
so I could take it camping and also use it for Field Day. It's not as
efficient as a full-sized antenna, but it sure does a good job for the size.

73, Dave, WA0TTN

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>     Hi All,
> I have the opportunity to buy an AEA LC-1 Isoloop...the thing
> is, I dont know much about this type antenna...it looks
> different than all the other AEA Isoloops I've seen on
> google. It is rectangular and loops made to mount vertically?
> I think the LC-1 rotates make it directional (at least
> broadside two directions.) Any one have any experience with
> these? Are these good? I think it's 13-30MHZ.. I live in a
> duplex (upstairs) and want it for a small footprint antenna.
> I have the opportunity to purchase it for about $80.00, seems
> like a good price compared to other Loops I've seen (MFJ is
> like $350.00) I would love to hear anything you have to say
> about this antenna.
> Thanks and 73,
> Daniel N9WX
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