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     It sounds as if option two, the sloper wire, is your best bet, given the constraints of your installation.  In my 1/3 acre suburban lot I have a shunt-fed Trylon 64-footer operating on 160M and a sloper for 80M off it as well.  The trick with the sloper is to find the tap point for the coax shield on the tower that gives you the best impedance match for the band.  This might mean you'll have to climb your tower a couple of times to get it to work best, but it should work for you on 160M.  

     BTW:  I used tinned bronze connectors fromm Harger to make all the wire connections to my Trylon including the coax shield for my sloper.  Check them out at http://www.harger.com/products/lpcmp/blp/bl/BL/bl.cfm for their 222T connectors (I used these to connect the #2 tinned solid ground wires to the pre-drilled holes on the bottom tower legs) and http://www.harger.com/products/grdcmp/mech/bc/bc.cfm  for their 213T clamps that I used on the ground wires off my coax shields, including the sloper's.

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Subject: [TowerTalk] 160m Antenna Planning

Hello TT


In planning for the spring tower installation, I want to start planning something for 160m.


I live on a suburban lot of 55 x125 and the 50ft Trylon will be installed in the rear yard, 5 ft from the rear of the house, the rear property line is 44 feet away. There will be a 12 foot mast with an Optibeam 5 band beam, a 2 el 40m beam and a 6 el 6m beam for top loading. Feedlines will be grounded to the tower, top and bottom, At least 8 radials with ground rods spaced 16 feet apart will serve as lightning protection. The tower foundation will also be used as a UFER ground. 


I was considering shunt feeding the tower but the XYL is opposed to me taking up more of the real estate with a sloping wire and feed box. Also with young kids playing in the yard, more wires are a bad thing.


The second option I was considering is feeding a ¼ wave wire at the top running almost horizontally (85')  across the yard and then vertically (45') down the tree, using the tower as the other half of the antenna. I guess this is more of a sloper.


The third option would be the inverted L but again, this requires a vertical wire parallel to the tower and the XYL is opposed to the additional space this would require. 


Are there other options? Suggestions?




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