[TowerTalk] Happy news for a change

Richards jruing at ameritech.net
Tue Aug 12 15:21:40 EDT 2008

Interesting points all around,   But consider this TowerTalkians
as you ponder what I might do:

The up side of all this is that I am good friends with the City
Prosecuting Attorney (criminal side) and City Attorney (civil side)
and could probably work it out OK.

The down side is that my neighbor off the backyard is also an attorney,
and one of my old enemies (I am a retired lawyer,)  but he is also an old
acquaintance from a local charity club and is running for Circuit Judge
currently, so... it could get dicey as to his position.

The city District Judge lives down the block and across MY street just
five houses away.  So HE has to look at it, too.   But,

Oh... yeah.... consider that  I supported the local City Attorney
when he ran for Judge and lost to the current Judge.....  Hmmm....

So... you do the political math.   Screw the legalities,   just do the
political math and decide what YOU would do.

(Great discussion actually.)

===============  Richards - K8JHR  ================

Russell Hill wrote:
> I would be very reluctant to challenge a politically entity which allows a 
> given tower height by putting up that height of tower, as we understand the 
> meaning, with mast and antennas up higher.  Why make them regret having a 
> basically permissive ordinance when they can outlaw ALL towers and make 
> amateurs have to fight to put up ANYthing?  "Win the battle, lose the war" 
> comes to mind.


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