[TowerTalk] Serving Tool for guy wire

Roger (K8RI) K8RI-on-TowerTalk at tm.net
Fri Jul 11 14:36:45 EDT 2008

W5CPT wrote:
> The serving tools we used in the military were a piece of metal about 12" long, 1' wide with a 1/8" hole about 1/2" from the end and a pair of linemen's pliers.   And gloves, good thick gloves.  Serve 3 sets of guys (not mentioning the insulators) and you will always go with grips (and Phillystran).

All I can say to that is AMEN!
Serving is very effective and inexpensive IF you don't count the time 
required to do it. The time required to learn to do it properly (not a 
lot) and PAIN!  OTOH I find a good pair of pliers works well as a 
serving tool although it takes a bit more time to learn. 

BTW it also works well with stranded antenna wire, but you still need to 
solder it.  OTOH it does look nice.
> >From the towers I have seen in the last 10 years serving cable ends is a lost art.  It is pretty and helps when ice builds up on the guy and then slides down, but it is a tremendous amount of work.
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