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>  Yeah, I've looked at the info at Texas Towers.?The EHS and  the 
galvanized?wire rope look pretty much the same as far as strength.? I've  order 500' of 
the wire rope.? 
    I don't have a problem with regular 7x19  galvanized wire rope as a 
substitute for EHS since they're both the same  breaking strength - around 4000#. 
It's a lot more work since you can't use  PreForms on it. The reason EHS is 
specified is because it's the same  everywhere. You can buy 3/16" wire rope in 
5-6 different configurations and  strengths, most of which would be 
inappropriate for a tower installation.  

>  I may try to acquire enough of the kevlar rope to use at the  very top of 
the 51' tower.?
    I hope you mean Phillystran.
Steve     K7LXC


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