[TowerTalk] Towers and Antennas

Fri Jul 18 11:48:55 EDT 2008

We are fortunate, those of us who live in Nevada, to have had a bill passed that allows us to erect structures and antennas as such with limited intervention by municipalities and government agencies.


Unfortunately, the bill didn't go far enough...it exempts Home Owner organizations as well as CC&R's enacted for a local community.  As was explained to me, they are private 'governments' and not covered.

Also unfortunately, most new sub-divisions, regardless of acreage, have in place, very restrictive rules regarding antennas and towers....even going as far as saying no flag-poles on the property.  If one wishes to display the flag, they can only have a flag on a 45 degree pole on their front door frame, etc.  Flag poles are unsightly and can contain hidden antennas!  LOL.  (I do know someone who placed a large tree in his back yard, just so he could hide an antenna!)

A few of us are fortunate to live where there are no restrictions....Hi Tom T.!!.....

Anywho..I am sure that contacting the ARRL would bring some 'up to date' info on tower and antenna friendly areas around the country.

Joe Wolfe

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