[TowerTalk] tower restrictions

Gregg Seidl k9kl at centurytel.net
Fri Jul 18 12:39:24 EDT 2008

The more I read all the interesting stories about what can go wrong with 
trying to put up a reasonable tower I think I'll stay here forever.I guess 
I'm lucky,I put up an 85 foot tower this year as well as a short 12 footer 
and I didn't even get a building permit.I've had other towers up in my yard 
now for 19 years and no one has said a word.
    It "might" help that I've lived in this township my whole life as did my 
    There has just got to be other townships that don't get all bent out of 
shape over towers.  www.k9kl.com

Gregg K9KL 

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