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Fri Jul 18 13:24:10 EDT 2008

I live in a community where the city gov't officials are not able to walk 
and chew gum at the same time. There are many hams here who have towers etc 
who, like me, have never been hassled by anyone from the city. A few months 
ago a guy put up a wind generator and all 'hell' broke loose. It reminds me 
of a keystone cop movie the way the 'officials' are stumbling over each 
other trying to regulate tower structures. They decided on a temporary fix: 
If the structure falls it must fall within the owners property and must not 
exceed 60 feet tall. (The guy with the wind generator is on 5 acres) They 
now have 'study' groups trying to craft regulations and so far everything 
they have done has been rejected by lawyers.
The ultimate solution would be that the city officials get bored and just 
move on to another subject. I moved here 15 years ago and asked the local 
hams what the regulations are and they said none. Some(few) guys got 
building permits but most didn't and there were never any hassles either 
There are people who want to live in 'sterile' areas and that is just fine. 
Hams who want to put up towers should avoid those areas. Likewise those 
'sterile folks should leave us alone in our 'non-sterile' areas and allow us 
our towers.
Again just my -2cents worth

Everyone in the world is
entitled to be burdened
by my opinion

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The more I read all the interesting stories about what can go wrong with
trying to put up a reasonable tower I think I'll stay here forever.I guess
I'm lucky,I put up an 85 foot tower this year as well as a short 12 footer
and I didn't even get a building permit.I've had other towers up in my yard
now for 19 years and no one has said a word.
    It "might" help that I've lived in this township my whole life as did my
    There has just got to be other townships that don't get all bent out of
shape over towers.  www.k9kl.com

Gregg K9KL

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