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I have had great luck with Copper Scrubbies.  I buy them in the Kitchen department at Wal*Mart in packs of 4.  I stuff them into the open ends of my conduit (2 inch) and can easily remove and reinsert them. They keep the critters out (and I have lots around) I think because they don't like to chew on metal, and still allow the conduit to breathe.

Clint - W5CPT
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  I'm wondering how other seal conduit runs out to the towers.
      I installed 4 inch non-perforated drain tile to both my towers.MUCH MUCH 
  cheaper then pvc conduit.I want to seal the ends up in a way to keep 
  critters out.I'm not too worried about water because I believe it is 
  impossible to keep water out no matter what you do.I use cables cables that 
  are direct burial..I also want to allow it to "breathe".I thought of used 
  that foam stuff that you can use to seal up cracks around your windows and 
  such.Then I'd drill a small 3/16 maybe hole behind  the plug to allow it to 
  breathe.Plus this way when I get a stupid idea to install another antenna 
  all I need to do is get the stuff out which is easy.
      I'm always open to other ideas.  Gregg K9KL 


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