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>  Last winter, I had a stack of a 40m full size beam and a  tribander 
wiped out
by a storm. The point of failure was the steel tube  that I was using which
bent over and caused a knock on affect which  destroyed the beams. We have
learn the difference between pipe and tube the  hard way.

>  There are several steel stockists here in Ireland,  but they only carry
standard galvanised piping. I have checked the  towertalk archives and there
is a lot of discussion there on the merits of  Chrome-moly tubing and the
different grades that would be suitable for this  type of installation.

>  However, these seem to be US standards  and the steel merchants here are 
familiar with them.

>   Can anyone point me in the right direction ? If someone has purchased  
for a similar project, I would be very grateful if you could send on  
of what tubing you have used.

    What you want to do is to ask your steel supplier  what the yield 
strength of the material is. I have attached the Masts chapter  from my upcoming 
tower book in a separate email. My Up The Tower book will be  out next 
    Unfortunately it's all in US units but converting  it should be easy 
enough. I also offer the MARC (Mast, Antenna and Rotator  Calculator) Program 
for running the numbers. The book and the program are both  available from 
_www.championradio.com_ (http://www.championradio.com) .
    BTW you probably don't need chromoly material.  You might if you have 
big, aggressive antennas on the mast and big winds but  for most applications 
it's way overkill. 
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