[TowerTalk] how much boom lifts rent for

Al Kozakiewicz akozak at hourglass.com
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I rented a lift when I painted the exterior of my house.  In my neck of the woods, near Albany NY, you need a certificate of insurance for $1M to rent one of the self propelled jobs.  However, the Genie 45 foot that is towed can be rented without an insurance certificate, and I've seen them for rent at Home Depot.

It's pretty idiot proof.  It has sensors that prevent it from operating if it is not leveled properly.  It strikes me that it would be ideal for a crank up where tilting the tower over might not be all that useful for installing and tuning a long boom antenna.  The cost as I recollect was under $700 for the week I had it.


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On 11/12/2011 Jim Lux wrote:

> Since I looked it up for W4EFs benefit.. You might be interested to 
> know what typical manlift rental prices are in SoCal..

> Day rates.  A week is usually 3.5 days.

> 40ft    $280-300
> 60ft    $425
> 80ft    $800-900
> 120ft   $1300-1600


Back in May, I rented a 45 ft jib articulated boom lift here in NYC - it's about $250/day PLUS delivery - which was $600, but boy it made the job easy - with the articulation and the jib, we were able to go up, turn, and extend out over my roof to get to the tower - ask John,  W2GD what he thought, he spent way way longer up there than I did

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