[TowerTalk] Noalox versus penetrox ??

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All of them are a mess and a pain in the butt to clean up.

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> >  Yesterday, I purchased Noalox at the locl Home Depot. In  the past, I
> have used Penetrox when assembling HF beams and Penetrox worked  great. Has
> anyone used Noalox to assemble aluminum tubing on HF  beams.
>     Antioxidants are like toothpastes - lots of  varieties and they all do
> basically the same thing, just different recipes.
>     An antioxidant is a bunch of very small particles  of a conductive
> metal held in suspension in a vehicle material. When the  connection is
> tightened, the particles pierce the conductor(s) and the vehicle  keeps
> oxygen out -
> thus it's an antioxidant.
>     BTW there's a great chapter in my UP THE TOWER  book that's got lots of
> info on a bunch of them. Available from  championradio.com.
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