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Your policy will dictate what is covered and what is not. Even that is open to interpretation. As Bill K4XS said here in Florida It's hard to even get homeowners insurance. My policy has a specific EXCLUSION for amateur radio towers, antennas, and equipment.
The bottom line is if you have a policy that covers your gear and you make a claim. An adjuster should show up and determine the coverage and how much you should get paid. You can appeal the decision if you disagree. Dealing with insurance companies can be a PIA or not.
Read your policy. If you don't understand something ask. Best of luck.

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    It only has to be "attached" - it doesn't have to  be anything 
structural. One crank-up owner attached a piece of plumber tape -  the inch or so 
wide flat metal with holes in it - to the tower with a hose clamp  and the 
other end got nailed to the house. Voila - attached! It was approved by  the 
building department. 

Steve    K7LXC

PS - My experience has been that the insurance company considers towers,  
etc. either as an accessory structure or as personal property. There is a  
chapter on insurance in my UP THE TOWER book and Ray, ND8L, an insurance agent 
recently had an article on insurance in QST. Very good info in both 

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