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David Robbins k1ttt at arrl.net
Wed Sep 11 18:53:49 EDT 2013

Parts... boy do I have parts... several generations of tic motors for 1022
and 1122 rings, and one 'slightly' damaged whole ring.  

Please only look at these if you have a real interest, they are 6mb each so
you can see all the detail, but will take a bit to download from my server.

The first one shows a bunch of motors that may or may not work.  At least
the one that is in pieces from an autopsy, I think one of the others was
also taken apart and kind of put back together... these have all been
removed from service for one reason or another, mostly for freezing up in
the winter probably because of water ingress.  I also have a set of 3
bearings like the one shown and a pile of the boom cradle top saddles.

The second picture is an 1122 ring that was damaged when the 40m4lldd on it
broke in half in an ice storm.  The welds on the side supports to the cradle
are broken and I think the ring is a bit warped, but it was still basically
working when I took it down... two of the motors were probably from this one
so may still be in reasonable working condition.  This also has the boom
truss assembly.

I also have one spare tic digital control box, this was removed from service
working just fine when the broke ring was replaced.

I could probably ship the motors and control box, but would prefer not to
ship the ring.  Make an offer and I'll add in actual shipping cost if you
can't pick them up.

David Robbins K1TTT
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Last year I discovered couple of stripped gears on a TIC Ring Rotator motor
turning a very large 20m beam. I had the same problem, TIC had no
replacement parts, specifications or help in obtaining a replacement. I have
a number of TIC motors so I was quite unhappy to hear this. Also TIC no
longer sells the 24v windshield wiper motor inside, however I have a number
of spares. I spent some time learning about spur gears and after much
searching I could not find direct gear replacements. There are places that
will make custom gears but the cost was ridiculous. For one gear, I
purchased gear stock at McMaster Carr and machined it on a lathe and for
another I was able to find something similar, but I had to cut the length
and bore and broach the hole to fit the 10mm motor shaft. I then had the
gears electroplated. It was a lot of work and expense. If you choose to
purchase a new style motor I may be interested in purchasing your old one
for parts.

John KK9A

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Hello All,

I have obtained a tic ring from a silent key that was on his tower.  With no
information on the unit of the model number other then the label on the
horizontal mounted motor 3122 E  date code 09/08.
Carl at Tic General told me they no longer service this motor and needs to
be updated.  How ever the motor I think is good, it is the gear that runs
directly off on the armature that is bad due to water damage.

Does any one has a idea where to get replacement parts for this gear box.

Thank you in advance,
Pete/ W8PD


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