[TowerTalk] F12 240N Magnum and Cushcraft A3WS

Tom_N2SR tom_n2sr at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 12 09:34:26 EDT 2014

I have a F12 240N Magnum up at 100 feet.  Currently I have a TH7 at 90 feet below it.  

A summer plan is to take the TH7 down, put a C31XR at 80 feet on a ring rotator (at
the top set of guys), and temporarily put a Cushcraft A3WS (with the 30M kit) at 90 


The F12 240N is "sorta" resonant on 12M. I've used it somewhat effectively on the band. 

I'm not sure if it works as an extended Zepp or what.  

Anyway, with the A3WS 10 feet below the F12, I don't want to screw up the pattern on 40M. 

I'm guessing it won't. but I just want to be sure.

Thoughts?  Opinions?   

Tom, N2SR

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