[TowerTalk] Delete all e-mail with attachments

Larry lknain at nc.rr.com
Tue Apr 22 09:29:37 EDT 2014

I find a lot of items in the junk folder with some marked as possible spam. 
I suspect the antivirus program is looking for certain words or phrases and 
based on those words or phrases marks (modifies the subject line) it as 
possible spam and sometimes as what it thinks is a real risk (known threats 
are immediately deleted by the antivirus program). I use WinMail (used to be 
Outlook Express) and I think it does something similar but puts stuff it 
thinks is suspect in the junk mail folder. Probably 75% of what is in the 
junk folder is from TT, RTTY, CQ-Contest etc but often only part of thread.

73, Larry  W6NWS
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From: Roger (K8RI) on TT
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I find a lot of TT in the spam and/or junk folder and have for months.
That's nothing new and I have no idea as to what puts them there.  All
of the "Raunchy Pics thread are in my junk e-mail folder.  Although I
have the latest Thunderbird, my "view" in in the top left task bar.
View. headers, all has shown a number of sources. Some have bounced
between 10 to 16 times.  So "I'm guessing" it's either a bot on a number
of computers (from opening attachments) or someone manually sending them
(or both).  It could just be someone in their second childhood playing

With this latest batch, whether in TT or junk, look for an attachment.
If it has an attachment delete it without opening it. Attachments,
including photos can carry infections.  Opening attachments is never
safe. I always e-mail the sender, if it's someone I know and ask if they
sent it.  If you've opened any of the e-mails with attachments, scan for
viruses and Malware right away. Mine just finished a deep scan and found

Best action is ignore it.


Roger (K8RI)


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