[TowerTalk] Multi-station antenna selection patch panel

Joe Subich, W4TV lists at subich.com
Sat Jan 18 09:55:09 EST 2014

There is a 10 antenna by eight radio matrix shown on pages 125
and 126 of the microHAM Station Master Deluxe Users Manual:

While that switch is controlled by SMD using microHAM uLINK (RS-485),
the same switch modules could be used a diode matrix and controlled
with manual switches or a traditional band decoder.  The 4+4 modules
are special dual 4 in-4 out switches with control interlocking such
that one an antenna is selected to an output it is off limit to any
other radio until it is released.

4+4 modules can also be replaced by microHAM Stack Switch in the case
of triband/monoband stacks or when feeding multiple towers on a band.
In those cases any radio can access the stack or any single antenna
in the stack and any other radio can "pull out" the top or bottom
antenna if necessary.  With Stack Switch instead of 4+4, it is better
to use the Station Master Deluxe (one for each radio) for control as
its firmware includes "path finding" to provide alternate antennas if
the primary antenna for a given band is in use by another radio as
well as PTT lockout when used with microKEYER II or MK2R+.

Additional 4+4 modules can be added and "double 10" switches cascaded
to realize even larger switch matrices but those configurations would
most certainly require automated control.


   ... Joe Subich, W4TV
       microHAM America

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>> Howdie,
>>   I am looking into build a panel that would distribute 8 to 10
>> antennae to 5 to 6 stations in a
>>   any-to-any setup to handle 1kw. Prefer lockout( if a sophisticated
>> design), but even manual switching would
>>   be sufficient. I know it needs vaccum relays etc.
>>   Don't want to reinvent the wheel. Where can i find a good
>> design/precedent ?
> A couple things to think about.. what sort of isolation do you need?
> That sets the number of sets of contacts you need between two paths.
> I'd look at some sort of crossbar arrangement, but that's 60 relays.

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