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Two towers here - 120ft Rohn 45 and 100ft Rohn 25, both built with the
original hardware supplied by Rohn.  No problems with the hardware here
during installation or in the 35 years since. But, if you think your batch
of hardware is so heavily galvanized that it poses an installation problem,
you should contact Rohn or the company from which you purchased it.

It does seem to me that Rohn quality may be going downhill from where it was
decades ago.  The most recent new Rohn tower sections I purchased, even one
decade ago, required some effort to assemble, because the legs just didn't
line up perfectly.  That wasn't problem in 1975 when every new Rohn tower
section fit perfectly into the next.

73, Bob - W3YY

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Later this year I am going to erect a Rohn 45.  Before I start this job, I
have been checking everything on the ground to be sure all is good.  I
discovered that the bolts that connect the tower sections have been hot
dipped in zinc.  They are very tight, and I think that it might be too
difficult to tighten them on the tower when I am 30 feet or higher.  Should
I take a tap and die to clean out the threads?  Lock washers were not
included.  Should I get some zinc ones before I start this job?



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