[TowerTalk] Need recommendations for a 40-10m. Yagi

Timothy Coker n6win at yahoo.com
Fri May 4 22:44:15 EDT 2018

Well, as a definite contester first and DXer way second (band modes vs rate, no comparison to me) I’d grab the JK Mid-Tri w/40m for a number of reasons.
At 120’ I’d not want to be climbing to remove broken motors or failed traps. 
The build is very robust.
Two feedlines with a closed cell transmission line for 20-10m.
Hi-Q air coils on 40m
Easily managable turn radius and wind load
Can use a M2 Orion or equivalant very easy

Next I’d probably just string up an inverted V for 30m or even put a 30m dipole on the mast. I don’t need 2 elements or more on 30m as there hasn’t been an entity yet that I didn’t work on the contest bands where I wished I had the WARCs, let alone with gain... but again band modes aren’t my thing and that affects my reasoning.
Tim / N6WIN.

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I'm looking to purchase a 40-10m. Yagi this summer.  It will be mounted on a 120' Self-Supporting Pi-Rod Tower in Wisconsin.  I'd prefer the antenna to cover the WARC bands but it's not imperative as I'm a contester first and a DX'er second.  Gain and reliability are my two greatest needs.
Note: I currently have a 3-element SteppIR at 50' so I do have WARC band capability for 17 & 12m.  I'd love for my Yagi at 120' to cover 30m. but it's not a requirement.  
A couple of questions:
1) If you were purchasing a 40-10m. Yagi this summer please advise which one you'd purchase and why?
2) The antenna is probably going to have a windload between 15-20 sq. ft.  Please advise which rotor you'd purchase for it?
Thanks & 73,
Dick- K9OM

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