[TowerTalk] Need recommendations for a 40-10m. Yagi

Richard Thorne rthorne at rthorne.net
Sat May 5 07:09:35 EDT 2018


If there's a jkantennas.com model that would suite your needs you will 
not be disappointed.  I have several now and they are built stout and work.

The tough part will be getting the WARC bands without stacking.

If you can stack and the tower will handle the load, the Mid-Tri +40 and 
a 12/17/30 would do the trick.

The other option is a Navassa or XR5/6 with a JK3040 stacked above it.

If you can do without WARC on the big tower the Mid-Tri +40 would do the 
trick.  Consider stacking a JK801 rotatable dipole above it if you can.  
I have one and the performance on 80m is outstanding. Mine is at 138' 
give or take.

As far as rotors are concerned I've had good luck with the Orion. If you 
get one throw the included mast clamp in the trash and get an upgraded 
mast clamp from Champion Radio or K7NV.

If you can fit it in the budget get a prop pitch from K7NV.  If you have 
a wind event there's no need to climb the tower to re-position the 
antennas.  Just re-calibrate the green heron controller.  I have a prop 
pitch on my rotating tower and we have high winds here.  The prop pitch 
will turn, in either direction, when the winds get up in the 40mph 
range.  I think this is a good thing as it relieves stress on the entire 
tower system.  I just walk out to the tower with my compass get the 
current heading and enter it into the green heron.


Rich - N5ZC


Rich - N5ZC

On 5/4/2018 7:59 PM, rlvz--- via TowerTalk wrote:
> Guys,
> I'm looking to purchase a 40-10m. Yagi this summer.  It will be mounted on a 120' Self-Supporting Pi-Rod Tower in Wisconsin.  I'd prefer the antenna to cover the WARC bands but it's not imperative as I'm a contester first and a DX'er second.  Gain and reliability are my two greatest needs.
> Note: I currently have a 3-element SteppIR at 50' so I do have WARC band capability for 17 & 12m.  I'd love for my Yagi at 120' to cover 30m. but it's not a requirement.
> A couple of questions:
> 1) If you were purchasing a 40-10m. Yagi this summer please advise which one you'd purchase and why?
> 2) The antenna is probably going to have a windload between 15-20 sq. ft.  Please advise which rotor you'd purchase for it?
> Thanks & 73,
> Dick- K9OM
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