[TowerTalk] Andrew Hardline Connector Tool Problem

Jeff DePolo jd0 at broadsci.com
Wed May 9 16:04:28 EDT 2018

> Does anyone have experience with using the MCPT tool
> with EZFIT connectors?

I don't think MCPT will work ideally with EZFIT 7/8" connectors.  The MCPT
has different positions for the jacket-cutting blade, one that is closer to
the shield-cutting blade and one back from it.  If anything, you'd want the
jacket-cutting blade at the close position (the location that should be
marked for One-Piece series connectors).  But even then, I think you'll find
that you have too much jacket stripped off, as the EZFIT 7/8" connectors
only need one corrugation's worth of jacket removed from the shield if I
remember right, whereas the older connectors needed more.  So, you will
likely end up with some exposed shield if you use the MCPT tool to cut the

I guess you could leave the jacket-cutting blade out of the MCPT and just
use it to cut the shield + dielectric to expose the center conductor, and
then cut the jacket back to the proper length with a knife, being very
careful to only score the jacket and then peel it off; you don't want to cut
all the way through it and knick/score the shield.

The MCPT tool only does cutting of the jacket and shield; it isn't an "all
in one" prep tool like some others.  For example, they don't do anything to
prep center conductor (remove stuck-on dielectric, debur, chamfer, or
whatever depending on the cable), they don't compress the dielectric around
the inside of the shield, etc..  So no matter what, if you use the MCPT
you're still going to have other work to do besides just cutting the jacket
and shield squarely with the MCPT.

Hope this helps.

				--- Jeff WN3A

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