[TowerTalk] Andrew Hardline Connector Tool Problem

Steve Maki lists at oakcom.org
Wed May 9 21:09:38 EDT 2018


Since you've looked on youtube, I assume you've seen:


In spite of my many years in the cell industry, I've never used EZFit 
connectors. But the video shows that the prepping of the cable is more 
involved than traditional Andrew/Commscope connectors. If your prep 
tool(s) don't prep the cable as shown in the video, you don't have the 
right tools for the EZFit connector.

I'm tempted to suggest using easily available AL5 connectors which can 
be installed using simple cheap tools and work very very well.

However I'll say this: Connectors that require coring of the dielectric 
*tend* to be better connectors mechanically because they get under the 
shield further and get a better grip on it. Commscope (before they 
bought Andrew's coax & connector division) always used coring prep tools 
for their long CATV distro lines - for good reason.

-Steve K8LX

On 05/09/18 15:19 PM, Zivney, Terry wrote:

> I have Commscope Andrew AVA5-50 7/8 inch hardline.
> I purchased the matching Andrew EZfit 78EZNF connectors.
> The problem is the tool. I purchased the low-cost Andrew
> MCPT-78 tool which several  vendors indicate as the EZFIT
> tool for AVA5-50 cable. But, the instruction sheet with the
> tool does not list EZFIT connectors. A call to Commscope
> says that is the wrong tool. The recommended tools
> are much more expensive than the connectors.
> Plus, the data sheet included  with the new connectors
> shows that the prepped end of the cable is different
> depending upon which one of the "recommended" tools
> is used: flared vs flat end and cored vs flat end.
> Does anyone have experience with using the MCPT tool
> with EZFIT connectors?
> No videos found on youtube on this combination.

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