[TowerTalk] Amount of "Goop" to use in Telescoping Aluminum Tubing Connections?

jcjacobsen at q.com jcjacobsen at q.com
Tue May 22 22:59:44 EDT 2018

I've used a scotch brite pad also to apply "goop" when assembling antennas. I've found if you use to much, applied with bare finger, you will sometimes strip out the hose clamp before you get the element tight enough to not turn. 

I've also used the pads to clean up dirty elements when rehabing antennas, along with WD-40. Spray on the pad, then wrap around the element and rub up/down/around the element. Wear gloves, heavy leather or nitril and wipe off with rag. It is messy but works well. 

K9WN Jake 

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