[TowerTalk] Joining EHS Guy To Philly Guy

Steve Maki lists at oakcom.org
Wed May 23 22:05:24 EDT 2018

I'm not convinced that a preform/thimble combo MUST be mated to a 
straight cylinder, even though the examples shown don't include anything 
but. I've seen BIG preforms installed through a closed link for example, 
that seem to satisfy any concerns. As long as the curved link is smooth 
(to avoid abrasion), it might offer an advantage over a straight pin.

At any rate, in ham applications it's mostly all academic.

-Steve K8LX

On 05/22/18 21:33 PM, Charles Morrison wrote:

> This is the 4 page doc:
>          SP2049-5_BIG-GRIP_DE  <dot> pdf
> preformed.com/images/pdfs/Energy/Distribution/Guying_Products/Big-Grip_Dead-End/SP2049-5_BIG-GRIP_DE.pdf
> http://preformed.com/images/pdfs/Energy/Distribution/Guying_Products/Big-Grip_Dead-End/SP2049-5_BIG-GRIP_DE.pdf
> On Tue, May 22, 2018 at 9:30 PM, Charles Morrison <junkcmp at gmail.com> wrote:
>> If you read the info provided with PREFORMS / BIG GRIPS, you see that all
>> curved surfaces (inside thimbles and the curve side of shackles) should be
>> mated to flat /straight surfaces like: (equalizer plate bolts, the rod/pin
>> of a shackle.)  See page three of this document. Here's the link:
>>     Filename  Big-Grip_DE-PLP_CommCatSec20 <dot> pdf
>>     preformed.com/images/pdfs/Communications/Pole_Line_Hardware/Dead-ends__
>> Accessories/Big-Grip_Dead-end/Big-Grip_DE-PLP_CommCatSec20.pdf
>>     http://preformed.com/images/pdfs/Communications/Pole_Line_
>> Hardware/Dead-ends__Accessories/Big-Grip_Dead-end/
>> Big-Grip_DE-PLP_CommCatSec20.pdf
>> The only exception to this rule is you may use a curved shackle to a
>> curved shackle. This guide also suggests that you should not force a
>> thimble into the downward end of a torque bar, but use the pin/rod of a
>> shackle.
>> Review the "arrangement" illustrations shown on page 4: Arrangement A
>> through G.
>> -Charlie N1RR
>> On Tue, May 22, 2018 at 7:56 PM, Steve Maki <lists at oakcom.org> wrote:
>>> Only if you use too-small thimbles. Properly sized thimbles for your
>>> properly installed big grip will be...just right! Big enough radius so it
>>> doesn't fall out, and strong enough to not compress from wire tension.
>>> BTW it's common to terminate a big grip (with thimble) to a pin shackle
>>> for attaching to guy weldments, etc. I usually use a shackle for coupling
>>> my non-conductive guy to the bottom EHS wire, just for a little extra
>>> flexibility.
>>> -Steve K8LX
>>> On 05/22/18 19:11 PM, Chuck Dietz wrote:
>>> The problem with using two back-to-back thimbles is the radius is too
>>>> small. It needs to “wrap around” something larger. Many thimbles would end
>>>> up squeezing together so that the guy grips would be out of specs by the
>>>> small radius.  It would only be slightly better than guy grip to guy grip.
>>>> Also, when you need to take the guy loose, what will keep the thimbles from
>>>> coming out? If you really clamp down on the guy grip, it will be out of
>>>> specs.  Maybe I am not acquainted with the type of thimbles you are talking
>>>> about. You would need to check the thimble specs.
>>>> Using the insulators keeps everything in spec, but they are heavy.
>>>> Chuck W5PR

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