[TowerTalk] Amount of "Goop" to use in Telescoping Aluminum Tubing Connections?

john at kk9a.com john at kk9a.com
Sat May 26 21:20:41 EDT 2018

I am not an electrician but I thought that wire nuts were not approved for
use with aluminum wire.

John KK9A

Stan K2STN wrote: 

The understanding is that aluminum almost immediately skins over with 
oxide after being dry abrasively cleaned.  Having the Noalox in the pad 
puts down a film that protects the cleaned surface from re-oxidation.  
Aluminum oxide is an insulator.

They found this out when investigating failed junctions made with wire 
nuts that had proven to be faulty and had caused house fires.  What they 
discovered was that the only path between the twisted wires of the 
junction was through the metal threading of wirenut itself, which is not 
designed to carry current.  It was making the circuit because the 
wirenut's threads had cut through the oxide completing the connection 
between the twisted together oxide insulated wires.


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