TRMaster.DAT and The 160M contest

Dave / N7EX
Tue, 03 Dec 1996 15:08:17 -0800

I sent this last night but never saw it on the reflector so I'm sending
it again.

I was "dry running" my LOGCFG.DAT file for the 160 test last night as is
my habit with a new release of TRLog before a serious contest. I can not
figure out how to get TRLog to pass the ARRL Section info from
TRMASTER.DTA for this contest. I tried setting INITIAL EXCHANGE = CHECK
SECTION which didnt work. The section info in TRMASTER.DTA is in "ARRL
SECTION", which is not a valid value for INITIAL EXCHANGE.

Did I spend too many days in the dark and cold last week after the ice
storm that went through here and miss something here or is this another

Dave Henderson
N7EX ( EX....N0DH that is!)
Spokane, WA (one of the great radio black holes)

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