Processing ZIPped TR updates

Randy Powell
Mon, 21 Oct 1996 21:39:31 -0700

Thanks, Pete -- 

You were, I believe, the only one who sent v5.84 to me as a MIME 
compliant file.  I have PKUnZIP v2.04C I just discovered, not v2.04G and 
when I go out to a Command (DOS) window from Win95, my PKUnZIP "doesn't 
find" the zip file.  I bought a copy of MicroHelp Zip and it did unzip 
your just fine -- the simulator works anyway after I've 
copies the unzipped files over the v5.81 files I originally had.  Your 
file was not uuencoded and required nothing but saving to disk, and then 
unzipping with MHZip.  I know this Win95 Norton Utilities has a PKUnzip 
on one of the menus, but I can't find it and must do some reading 

But hey, thanks Pete!  I include the gory details just in case I can save 
anyone else the time it took me to discover how this works.  Next time I 
get an update from Tree I will try both unzipping the file he sends and 
decoding it first and then unzipping it.

73, Randy NZ6N