[TRLog] Hmmmmm

Tree N6TR n6tr@teleport.com
Thu, 18 Dec 1997 15:37:48 -0800 (PST)

> My log was rejected by the ARRL because it was 64 bit MIME encoded.  
> I do not know why it was, as I told Pegasus not to encode it.  I sent 
> it a second time and the same thing happened.  The third time I know 
> I sent it as ASCII, and I received an acknowledgment saying the log 
> was accepted.  It seems that you have to watch the encoding, or they 
> will bounce your log.

Yes - sending in ASCII is something that can be hard to do depending
on which program you are using.  It is one of those basic skills that
gets harder to do as mail programs get more intelligent.

This is not why my log was rejected however.  It was sent as ASCII
and was still ASCII when they "returned" my log.  I got a chuckle
when Bev told me she didn't have my log anymore because she returned
it to me.  

> I am still trying to figure out the "A paper summary sheet is 
> required of all logs, either an official ARRL summary sheet or a 
> close facsimile with a signed contest participation disclaimer" part 
> of the rules.  How do you send a signed summary sheet in ASCII 
> format?  I think the ARRL has to get its rules in order.

Wanna hear something funny??  When the Stew Perry results came out,
I got a note from several stations who sent in logs, but the score 
didn't make it.  One of them was from K1ZZ.


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