[TRLog] Kenwood TS-2000 freq display not working with TR

George & Tammy Perkins gperkins@tampabay.rr.com
Fri, 3 May 2002 13:28:26 -0400

Ron, and list...

Thanks for your response.  I looked up the ku6j application note
on the web site.  Interesting, I changed the baud rate on the
Kenwood to 4800 as he did and the problem went away.
Interesting because, the other functions worked at 9600.  I was
able to communicate between TRlog and the TS-2000 at
9600 and all functions except freq readout and mode sense
and band sense were working.  I was able to change bands,
change modes, enter freq changes, just not sense them.
Anyway, I'm happy.  All functions work ok now and I'll just
leave the rig at 4800 baud.

73 es God Bless
George - Ku3o
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Have you gotten a response from Eric, KU6J?? He has a TS2000 usage note on
TR web site. He might be able to answer your question. If this is something
new that I can fix in the code I would like to do that. Please keep me in
loop on this guys.

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Anyone else using a Kenwood TS-2000 with TR?

I have both a TS-2000 and a TS-440.

The band change sense/mode change sense and frequency display
all work on the TS-440 but do not work on my TS-2000.

everything else seems to work.  TR will cause the TS-2000 to
change bands/modes, but will not sense them.

I suspect the problem is in the use of the AutoInformation command
"AI;" when sent to the rigs.  On my TS-440 the correct parameter is
"AI0;" to turn it off and "AI1;" to turn it on.  On the TS-2000 there
are now four modes according to the manual, however, only
two of the four modes actually work.

AI0; turns auto information off
AI1; is supposed to turn on OLD format
AI2; is supposed to turn on Extended behavior
AI3; is supposed to do both

In reality, I have noticed with a terminal program (HyperTerm) that
only AI0 and AI2 work.  All other commands return the error
condition "?;"

If I initiate an AI2; command, I do indeed get auto information from
the TS-2000, but does TRLog know to do this?  If TRLog is using
an AI1; then I suspect that is the source of my problem...

Can anyone confirm this behavior on their own TS-2000?  Or perhaps
it is my TS-2000 only that behaves this way...

Like I said, My TS-440 works great with TR...

Thanks for considering this information...

George - Ku3o