[Trlog] Another Alt-D Bug

Mark Bailey kd4d at comcast.net
Sun Jan 11 13:15:54 EST 2004

Hello, all:

During the NAQP, I had problems with the QSO and MULTS needed by band
displays.  Basically, if I did an Alt-D check on a duplicate call, the MULT
by band entries blanked out (showing I didn't need any mults on any band).
I also
noted that there was some "flickering gibberish" in the upper left hand
corner.  This
lasted until I did an ALT-D dupe check on a non-duplicate call.

This caused me to not move a couple of mults (LA and AR if I recall
correctly :-)).
I rely on the MULTS NEEDED display constantly in a contest like NAQP.  Did
anyone else notice this?


Mark, KD4D

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