[Trlog] QTF what?

Tree tree at kkn.net
Fri Oct 1 13:42:22 EDT 2004

> Same grid must be used for UA0T, as I get same bearing & distance from here
> in OL72bk.  

Yes, UA0T = UA0S as near as I could tell when setting this all up.

> One suggestion: if a station has a grid in TRMASTER, then one only gets a 
> QTF -
> no range or sunrise/sunset times.  It would be nice if the program could 
> use that
> grid to calculate all, as it does for just the prefix of a call in the call 
> window.

I didn't realize that happened - will take a look at it after I get this
radio interface stuff figured out.

BTW - for the Orion and new way I collect data from the serial ports, I 
am going to have to break down and teach TR how to deal with ISRs.  However,
I intend to intercept both interrupts (3 and 4), so it shouldn't matter 
how they are setup - I will find the offending UART.

Likely an updated test version to try on the Orions this weekend.  


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