[Trlog] Worked Statiions becoming Workable Stations...not a good thing...

Dale Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Sun Dec 11 08:16:15 EST 2005

When the contest started, I turned on the visible dupe sheet, thinking it
might help when I was doing a lot of search&pouncing.  It did.  

Then it became unusable because it exceeded the size of the space allocated
to it.  So I turned it off. 

Now, however, I find that, while searching&pouncing, some stations are
appearing as dupes (or having been worked before) in the bandmap (as they
should be), but if I happen to hit the space bar with the cursor and call in
the call entry field, the call becomes a non-dupe (they change colors in the
dupe line and they lose their asterisk in the bandmap.  This only happens
for some and not all calls.  Others stay as dupes. 

I've checked my settings for the bandmap and for dupe sheet.  But nothing
seems out of the ordinary.  

I've shutdown and restarted the program, but it's still doing the same

Is there a way to fix this this morning before the band opens?  If I have to
go through the contest being told I'm a dupe, I'm outa here...  

Dale, kg5u

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