[Trlog] Worked Statiions becoming Workable Stations...not a good thing...

Tree tree at kkn.net
Sun Dec 11 10:14:10 EST 2005

On Sun, Dec 11, 2005 at 07:16:15AM -0600, Dale Martin wrote:
> When the contest started, I turned on the visible dupe sheet, thinking it
> might help when I was doing a lot of search&pouncing.  It did.  
> Then it became unusable because it exceeded the size of the space allocated
> to it.  So I turned it off. 
> Now, however, I find that, while searching&pouncing, some stations are
> appearing as dupes (or having been worked before) in the bandmap (as they
> should be), but if I happen to hit the space bar with the cursor and call in
> the call entry field, the call becomes a non-dupe (they change colors in the
> dupe line and they lose their asterisk in the bandmap.  This only happens
> for some and not all calls.  Others stay as dupes. 

I have no idea why this is happening.  Try deleting the .RST and bandmap 
files and see if things return to normal.


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