[Trlog] IARUHQ.DOM file problem

Igor Sokolov ua9cdc at r66.ru
Mon Jul 11 05:00:48 EDT 2005

Thanks for your offer Jim. No problems, I will swap 0A for 0D here myself.
Tree, were you serious about Windows version of TRlog or was it just a joke?
I was trying to persuade N1MM team to change several things in their contest
logger to make it feel more like TRlog. They are reluctant to do it. They
really do not want their program to be TRlog for Windows and I can
understand that. But as with most Windows programmers they do not value
They think if there is not enough space on the screen you just need a bigger
screen although the same  can be achieved by better use of the available
screen space.
Two stations of R9HQ were using N1MM in this contest mainly because it is
possible to organize PTT lock out over Internet in this logger and because
it is possible to equalise logs in different computers over the internet.
Something pretty vital for Multy-Multy distributed as in HQ operation.
Well, if only TRlog could have Windows connectivity, it would be ideal
contest logger for all times ahead.

73, Igor UA9CDC.

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> Hah!!  In four words the genius solves the problem.
> I had a look at the file with a hex editor and, indeed, every line ended
> in 0A (LF) instead of 0D (CR).  I replaced all the 0A's with 0D's and
> the problem is solved.
> Thanks Tree.
> This didn't actually cause me any problems in IARU because the cndx were
> so poor that knowing which HQ mults I hadn't worked wasn't of much use,
> seeing that at all times I knew I had worked hardly any.
> Should I post the corrected file to the list?
> Igor, maybe the corrected file will solve your problem.  I'll send it to
> you.
> 73, Jim   VE7FO
> Tree wrote:
> >On Sun, Jul 10, 2005 at 10:14:05PM -0700, Jim Smith wrote:
> >
> >
> >>Hmm.. in my file, ARAI is also not in alpha order.  It is between ARA
> >>and ARAB.
> >>
> >>I followed the suggestion to move the first line (ARA) to the right spot
> >>and also moved ARAI.  I then started TR hoping to see the HQ mults when
> >>I hit ALT-G.  Instead of seeing just ARA I now see just AARA which is
> >>now the first line of the file.
> >>
> >>Does anyone else have this problem?  I'm using 6.79
> >>
> >>
> >
> >Is there the possibility of missing carriage returns in the file?
> >
> >Maybe line feeds only?
> >
> >Tree
> >
> >
> >
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