[Trlog] customised files - was: Re: RUDX Contest Bug?

Rolf T Salme rolf.salme at telia.com
Thu Mar 24 07:59:05 EST 2005

Hi all,

IMHO, the most authoritative source of info on 
current Oblasts should be the Russians them-
selves. The organizers of the RDXC offer their
own sofware for this contest, hence I presume
that the Oblast list in that software must be the
most correct one. 

Based upon that list, I have made my own 
RUSSIAN.DOM file containing the following

Ab = AB
Ad = AD
Al = AL
Am = AM
An = AN
Ao = AO
Ar = AR
Ba = BA
Bo = BO
Br = BR
Bu = BU
Cb = CB
Ck = CK
Cn = CN
Ct = CT
Cu = CU
Da = DA
Ea = EA
Ev = EV
Fj = FJ
Ga = GA
Ha = HA
Hk = HK
Hm = HM
In = IN
Ir = IR
Iv = IV
Ka = KA
Kb = KB
Kc = KC
Ke = KE
Kg = KG
Ki = KI
Kk = KK
Kl = KL
Km = KM
Kn = KN
Ko = KO
Kp = KP
Kr = KR
Ks = KS
Kt = KT
Ku = KU
Ky = KY
Lo = LO
Lp = LP
Ma = MA
Md = MD
Mg = MG
Mo = MO
Mr = MR
Mu = MU
Mv = MV
Nn = NN
No = NO
Ns = NS
Nv = NV
Ob = OB
Om = OM
Or = OR
Pe = PE
Pk = PK
Pm = PM
Ps = PS
Ra = RA
Ro = RO
Sa = SA
Sh = SH
Sl = SL
Sm = SM
So = SO
Sp = SP
Sr = SR
St = ST
Sv = SV
Ta = TA
Tb = TB
Tl = TL
Tm = TM
Tn = TN
To = TO
Tu = TU
Tv = TV
Ud = UD
Ul = UL
Uo = UO
Vg = VG
Vl = VL
Vo = VO
Vr = VR
Yn = YN
Yr = YR

In his remark the other day, OH4JFN has quoted
my own intervention from last year, 
http://lists.contesting.com/pipermail/toec/2004-March/002267.html ,
to which I would like add the fresh remark that RZ seems to have 
been changed back to the original RA. OK with me, it´s shorter. 

If I remember correctly, we have been told by the organizers
that their own log handling software will ultimately correct possible 
anomalies if you happen to log a KJ instead of the current KY, 
EW instead of EV et cetera. So as long as TR-Log swallows what
you enter, you are probably on safe ground. 

There have been several ingenious proposals how to store
and activate your private RUSSIAN.DOM file, so I guess I had
better stop here. 

IMO, despite some minor snags, a very well-organized contest! 


* My typos & mispellings are intentional copyright traps *

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