[Trlog] customised files - was: Re: RUDX Contest Bug?

VR2BrettGraham vr2bg at harts.org.hk
Thu Mar 24 20:14:50 EST 2005

SM5MX added:

>IMHO, the most authoritative source of info on
>current Oblasts should be the Russians them-
>selves. The organizers of the RDXC offer their
>own sofware for this contest, hence I presume
>that the Oblast list in that software must be the
>most correct one.

The rules are what everyone should go by, not the
behavior of any particular software.

<snip .DOM based on RDXC rules>

>If I remember correctly, we have been told by the organizers
>that their own log handling software will ultimately correct possible
>anomalies if you happen to log a KJ instead of the current KY,
>EW instead of EV et cetera. So as long as TR-Log swallows what
>you enter, you are probably on safe ground.

Again, behavior of software (logging or checking) is not so
relevant if there are rules.

That is why I took the list of oblasts from rules & added the
exceptions.  I have heard UAs that have told me their name
was Vlad say Wlad in a domestic QSO, so I guess for
example EW is EV & this is not something where the mults
are changing, but what they are called is not consistent.

As I look in my TRMASTER file, I see about 1% of my total
RDXC Qs have domestic mult of type different than that in
the rules.  This year I worked none, but recall hearing a few
stations whilst S&Ping, so it's probably a good idea to
include the alternatives in the .DOM file.

Otherwise, the original problem of TR recognizing what
the other station is sending so that you can log the Q
remains. ;^)

73, VR2BrettGraham

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