[Trlog] Names database

John Unger w4au at verizon.net
Sun Feb 10 12:58:43 PST 2008

Hi Scott -

Perhaps other with have better solutions, but I think that your problem is 
that you are trying to work from an old TRMASTER.DTA file as a starting 
point. You should try starting with a clean slate.

Here's how I put together my own TRMASTER.DTA file working from my old logs:

First, I created my own TRMASTER.ASC file from one of my SS logs. You can 
do this operation from the log.dat file with an ASCII editor, by importing 
and exporting the log.dat to Excel, etc.

Second, I used POST to create a new TRMASTER.DTA file from the .ASC file. 
Then you can just add other log.dat files directly to the newly created 
.DTA file.

Alternatively, using an ASCII editor, you could just make a one-line 
TRMASTER.ASC file that looks something like this:
W4AU =AVA =K56
then use POST to convert that file to a .DTA file and then add other 
log.dat files also with POST.

Another good idea is to look over your UBN report on the ARRL website and 
correct any errors in the ASCII data before you propagate them into your 
new .DTA file!

Also, I use the following commands in my LOGCFG.DAT file so that the 
information from the TRMASTER.DTA file shows up as a 'hint' between the 
call and exchange windows and leaves the exchange window blank, rather than 
pre-filling the exchange. I like to copy what is actually sent!


Hope this helps.

73 - John,W4AU

p.s. You signal was booming in last night on both 40 and 80 in the SSB Sprint!

At 12:22 PM 2/10/2008, you wrote:
>OK, I know I should RTFM before asking questions, but maybe someone
>can push me in the right direction and save me a bunch of time here.
>When I type in a call I want the Name and QTH to appear, from my last
>log, as a reference point.  OK, it does... but it's really old data
>because I haven't updated it in years.  After last night's Sprint, I
>realized that it's really cruddy and I need to fix it up.
>I just want to feed it my previous few Sprint logs to help fix some
>of the bad data.
>Can someone point me in the right direction?  I tried going into
>Post > Utilties > Edit TRMASTER.ASC > Add data from various types of
>files >  Load calls and data from a log.dat... but even after doing
>this for 2 recent logs, specifying the start point for the Name and
>QTH, it didn't change the data.
>I'm probably confusing the names database with the super check
>partial callsign thing.
>- fox
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